Pénichettes - Life on Board

Comfort on board

Everything is planned for your well-being. You're so close to nature, yet the boats are roomy, with showers and running hot and cold water. There's storage space to satisfy the most demanding. It's easy to fill the water tanks every day at locks and villages. Sheets and bedding are provided.

Under Way

Driving your boat is straightforward and enjoyable once you've received some simple guidance at the base. You'll soon get used to going through locks and start to enjoy handling your craft. Detailed navigation guides show where you can moor, shop, take on water or go sightseeing.

Going through locks

There are many different types of locks. How they work is explained in the manual sent with your confirmation, and will be explained to you again at the base. Going through locks is a major feature of your cruise. You can chat to the keeper and often buy fresh produce, or simply enjoy the very different view which you get as you change levels. Locks make for a varied and enjoyable cruise.

Hiring Bicycles

The bicycles are an indispensable adjunct to your cruise. The paths along canals make ideal bicycle tracks. You can reserve them when you book or hire them on arrival. You pay at the base.

Things to do

You like the spot? Just moor up. You can go for a walk or a bicycle ride, visit a church or a chateau, go for a bath or try your hand at fishing. At the base we will tell you how to get a fishing permit and what you might catch.

Gastronomic encounters

On a Pénichette you can seek out local specialities - home grown produce or regional dishes. Shop for them in markets and cook on board in your fully-equipped galley, or alternatively try them in the many restaurants along your route. You'll find a list of recommendations on board.

Relaxation on deck

The deck is one of the most acclaimed features of the Pénichette. Spacious, flat and right under the captain's eye, it can act as reading room, sunlounger or picnic table. Moving around the boat is easy and safe. Indoors, the saloon is the place for board games, family discussions or intimate dinners.

Meals on board

On board you'll find everything you need for cooking and eating. Prepare your meal in open countryside or at the quayside. Villages are never far away, and you can use bicycles to fetch fresh bread or warm croissants for breakfast.